3 most popular ways to make money from NFTs today

1. Buying and selling NFTs: NFT’s outstanding features have helped assets such as works of art, paintings, etc. reach new heights, attracting more collectors thereby creating a fevered hunt for new items. this type of property. As a result, their value increases gradually over time but still ensures ownership for the owner.

2. Trading NFT tokens: A large amount of new money is being poured into the development of NFT-related projects, and the tokens of NFT projects have seen great growth indicators such as AXS increasing more than 1000 times in the past year. one year.

3. Make money from NFT games: NFT games are becoming a new trend around the world, creating a source of income for participants. With this form of the game, players will receive rewards as NFT tokens and items for profitable trading.

Let’s wait and join the NFT wave with Deffect so as not to miss the opportunity to increase assets during the general “uptrend” period of the Crypto market.

Originally published at https://deffect.ai on October 22, 2021.



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