About Minning App

Deffect International Ltd.
1 min readSep 23, 2021

Mining App — a special platform of the Deffect ecosystem that allows users to mine DEF Token EASY and COMPLETELY FREE right on mobile devices. To start mining, users will download the Mining App on their phones, register an account and start taking attendance to mine DEF Token for free! With the Minning App you can. Get Def token for free, earn more money.

✅ Grow your community.

✅ Increase tokens by participating in quests.

✅ Update the latest events.

✅ Fastest news update.

✅ Information platform.

✅ Guide all Deffect platforms. Once the DEF Token has been mined, users can

liquidate and sell the mined DEF anytime they want through the Deffect Swap portal or Crypto exchanges such as: Bololex, Bankex,… This is a highlight that other free mining projects that are being loved by the community . At Deffect, users can mine DEF Token easily and completely free of charge, liquidate out USDT all the time. Everyone can download it on Android and IOS



Deffect International Ltd.

Deffect a series of index concepts effects of non-custodial decentralized money market protocol