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2 min readSep 29, 2021

* Step 1: Perform the task of Deffect review video or Deffect product instruction video

* Step 2: Post it on your Youtube channel.

* Step 3: Comment the link of the video at this post. Twitter link. Time limit: from date. 01/10/2021. to date 30/12/2021.


* Must be a video of how to use Deffect’s product: For example, video tutorials for staking, videos on how to download and use deffect app…

* Must be a video review of Deffect.

* When recording video, you need to set the webcam mode to clearly see the real person.

* Video must be at least 2 minutes in length and not more than 10 minutes in length.

* The Deffe logo appears at least 30 seconds in the video with a clear and aesthetically pleasing image.

* Post this video on your Youtube channel in public mode with hashtags: #deffect#def#review_deffect.

* Video title full of information:

- Content of instructions (review), — Project name.

- Country name.

* Use Deffect’s sample thumbnail. Link to sample thumbnails.

Evaluation Criteria

* 50%: Evaluation from Crypto community (based on total views, likes, comments, video shares on your Youtube channel).

* 50%: Evaluation from Deffect according to 3 criteria: Good content, beautifully presented, on topic.

* Prizes will be announced at the end of the 3-day program.


1 First Prize: 100,000 DEF

1 Second Prize: 70,000 DEF

1 Third Prize: 50,000 DEF

10 consolation prizes for 10,000 DEF each

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Deffect International Ltd.

Deffect a series of index concepts effects of non-custodial decentralized money market protocol